The Black Crowes

Jam Band Podcast

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I figured it out in the shower after swimming laps in the pool. Donal Trump supporters are the people in high school who dismissed any band that wasn’t top 40 material. They didn’t make mix tapes, but if they did, they would have recorded the popular radio station programming. Underground bands were ignored until they were popular enough to accept. Today’s Trump supporters are making up for lost time. They have found their underground candidate and are running with him at full speed with their heads in the sand. The Bernie and Hillary supporters have traded NPR for the dusty mix tapes that sit in lonely boxes in attics and garages.

I admit it. I voted for Hillary. Sadly, I wasn’t able to vote for Bernie 🙁 It was an easy choice for me when presented with the alternate candidate who viewed the presidential race as no more than a challenge. A mountain worth climbing to the top of. An arm wrestling match under the world stage spotlight. One more trophy on a custom gold inlay mantle inside one of many cavernous dwellings.

Well anyhow, The Black Crowes were a band that I regretfully did not pay much attention to in the mid 1990’s. I don’t why I ignored them, but they were definitely not on my radar. Lately, I have been listening to some live shows from this time period and I have been really getting into them. During their live shows, they are not afraid to get into the jams and explore. You can hear all kinds of influences in their music above and beyond southern and classic rock. I hear lots of Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead in their jams.

Here is an especially cool jam by them recorded at at the Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom on June 23rd, 1995. I am currently working on a future podcast featuring a collection of songs recorded live between 1992 and 1997. Should be a pretty rocking podcast.

Talking Heads Live at 11/4/1980 – Capitol Theatre – Passaic, NJ

Anything at all from the Remain In Light tour by the Talking Heads is fantastic, but the show from 11/4/80 at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ is one of the best. Here is the band performing Crosseyed and Painless from the show. You can watch the entire show on YouTube and the whole thing is worth archiving. I love how they bend their sounds and extend notes out for extended periods of time over incessant percussion grooves.